Seminar in Winter 2021/22 – „The Vision of 6G Mobile Communication Systems“

IDC is offering a seminar on „The Vision of 6G Mobile Communication Systems“ in Winter 2021/22.

While the fifth generation (5G) mobile communication systems are currently being standardized and deployed, the research on what 6G wireless systems will comprise has been started by universities, companies, and governments around the world. In this seminar, we will survey the latest developments with regard to the global vision of 6G and the corresponding new technologies proposed. Focus areas will include joint sensing and communication, mmWave/THz communication systems, smart radio environments, and distributed machine learning.

Participants in this seminar are expected to have a basic knowledge of communication systems, such as those acquired in the Digital Communications and Fundamentals of Mobile Communications lectures.

Students can register/apply for this seminar here (Sep. 27 – Oct. 3): here

More details on the seminar will be published on StudOn: here