Best Paper Award for IDC Authors for Globecom 2023 Paper

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IDC researchers Nikita Shanin, Hedieh Ajam, Vasilis K. Papanikolaou, Laura Cottatellucci, and Robert Schober have received Best Paper Award 2023 from the TAOS technical committee (TC) of the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) for their Globecom 2023 paper: “EH Modelling and Achievable Rate for FSO SWIPT Systems with Non-linear Photovoltaic Receivers“. The award was presented with the following motivation: “The paper achieves an outstanding level in showing the non linearity properties in energy harvesting for simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) systems. It is expected that this work will have a big impact on scientific community in the future”.

TAOS is one of the oldest and most active IEEE ComSoc’s TCs, whose history goes back to more than 60 years. Since 2012, TAOS TC annually awards Best Paper Award to a paper presented in the previous year at the Optical Networks and Systems (ONS) Symposiums of the IEEE International Communications Conference (ICC) and IEEE Global Communications Conference (Globecom).

Link to the paper on IEEE Xplore: