Joint Optimization of Tile Allocation and Beam Centering in Shared IRS for Multi-Link FSO Systems

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Free space optical (FSO) systems due to their large bandwidth, secure and cost-efficient data transmission are considered as suitable candidates for next generation wireless communication networks and beyond. However, the limiting factor in such systems is the requirement of a line-of-sight (LOS) link. To relax this requirement, an optical intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) can be shared among multiple transmitters to connect them with multiple obstructed receivers. Then, each part of the IRS is allocated to a pair of transmitters and receivers based on the IRS size, the incident laser beamwidth on the IRS, the center of the beam footprint on the IRS, the relative position and orientation of the transmitter and receiver with respect to the IRS, the random misalignment error, etc. In this thesis, first we aim to formulate an optimization problem to jointly optimize the locations of the centers of the beam footprints on the IRS and the tile allocation. Then, optimal and sub-optimal solutions for the formulated optimization problem shall be derived.

Guidelines for the project:

  • Conducting a literature survey on FSO and IRS systems
  • Formulating the design problem as an optimization framework
  • Developing optimal and sub-optimal algorithms for tile allocation and beamcentering
  • Simulation of the proposed algorithms in Matlab

If successful, this work may lead to a journal and/or conference paper.


  • Interest in communications and signal processing
  • Basic knowledge of digital and mobile communication systems (e.g. gained in the courses „Digital Communications“ and „Fundamentals of Mobile Communications“)
  • Programming skills Experience in MATLAB.
  • Language skills English fluency