Information Theory and Coding



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  • Mi 16:15-17:45, Raum H6
  • Fr 8:15-9:45, Raum H6

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  • WF EEI-BA ab Sem. 5
  • PF EEI-MA-INT ab Sem. 1
  • PF CE-BA-TA-IT ab Sem. 5
  • WF CE-MA-TA-IT ab Sem. 1
  • PF EEI-BA-INT ab Sem. 5
  • WF IuK-BA ab Sem. 5
  • WPF WING-BA-IKS-ING-MG1 ab Sem. 5
  • WPF WING-MA ab Sem. 1
  • WPF WING-MA-ET-IT ab Sem. 1
  • PF CME-MA ab Sem. 1
  • PF ASC-MA ab Sem. 1
  • WPF INF-NF-EEI ab Sem. 1


Basic definitions: information, entropy, mutual information. Coding for data compression: source coding theorem, lossless compressing codes: Huffman-, Tunstall-, Lempel-Ziv-codes, entropy and coding for sources with memory, Markovian sources. Channel coding for reliable communications over noisy channels: channel models, capacity, channel coding theorem, bounding techniques for decoding, error probability, cut-off-rate, random coding error exponent.

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