Rate-Power Regions of Adaptive SWIPT Systems with Energy Harvester State Information Feedback

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Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer (SWIPT) is a promising technology that enables wireless recharging of device batteries along with information transmission. SWIPT systems usually assume a transmitter (TX) that sends a common signal to an information receiver (IR) and an energy harvester (EH).

Recent studies proposed a practical model of an EH based on a Markov decision process (MDP) leaned via a deep neural network. Moreover, it was shown that the performance of a SWIPT system can be significantly increased by tracking the EH state at the TX and adapting the signal parameters depending on the current state. However, since employed signal characteristics must be known at the IR as well, such a system requires the design of a special protocol that enables transmission of the EH state information (EHSI) feedback to the IR. The goal of this project is to propose an EHSI feedback transmission protocol and analyze the performance of practical SWIPT systems employing this protocol depending on the accuracy of the EH model.

Guidelines for the project:

  • To conduct a literature survey on SWIPT, Markov decision processes, and CSI feedback protocols
  • To design an efficient protocol for the EHSI feedback transmission to the IR
  • To analyze the performance of the SWIPT system employing the proposed protocol depending on the accuracy of the EH state estimation

Type of Project: Research internship

If successful, this work may lead to a journal and/or conference paper.