Physical Layer Design of 6G Wireless Systems for Hologram Type Communication

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„METAVERSE“ ((META=BEYOND) and (VERSE=UNIVERSE)) originated in the science fiction novel “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson in 1992. Metaverse is a network of connecting physical and virtual world seamlessly, realized thanks to the convergence of key emerging technologies such as Extended Reality (XR) (VR, AR, MR) and Hologram Type Communication (HTC). 

Different from videos and images, a hologram requires a large amount of data to demonstrate the truly 3D structure of an object. Thus, in HTC holographic and multi-sensory data resulting in data rates of hundreds of Gbps or even Tbps has to be delivered to the destination with guaranteed and bounded latency.

It is anticipated that future wireless HTC systems will operate in the THz range due to its abundant spectral resources, enabling extremely high data rates. In this thesis, a concept for an HTC system in the THz range will be developed, based on the following key approaches:

  • Semantic communications, i.e., the transmission of semantic information conveyed by the source rather than the accurate reception of each single symbol or bit regardless of its meaning, will be applied for a reduction of the tremendous traffic volumes of HTC.
  • Modulation and coding will be optimized with the aid of machine learning for guaranteeing high data rates under strict real time deadlines (low latency).

Guidelines for the project

  • Conduct a literature survey on semantic communications and machine learning aided modulation and coding
  • Design a scheme for transmission of semantic information contained in hologram type data
  • Apply machine learning to optimize modulation and coding and possibly even semantic transmission
  • Conduct simulations for a performance evaluation of the proposed transmission scheme in the THz range


  • Comprehensive knowledge of digital communications and information theory
  • Basic knowledge of machine learning
  • Strong theoretical and mathematical background
  • Experience in Matlab and Python