Random Matrices in Communications and Signal Processing



Zeit/Ort n.V.

Recommended: Good skills in linear algebra, probability theory and complex analysis


Dual antenna arrays, compressive sensing, Wishart distribution, factor iid model, Kronecker model, convergence of random variables, semi-circle law, quarter circle law, full circle law, Haar distribution, Marchenko-Pastur distribution, Stieltjes transform, Girko’s law, unitary invariance, freeness, free convolution, R-transform, free central limit theorem, free Poisson limit theorem, subordination, S-transform, R-diagonal random matrices, R-diagonal free convolution, Haagerup-Larsen law, operator-valued freeness, linearization of noncommutative polynomials, free Fourier transform, self-averaging properties, microscopic vs. macroscopic random variables, quenched random variable, a statistical physics point of view of digital systems, spin glasses, frozen disorder, replica method, replica continuity, replica symmetry, replica symmetry breaking, approximate message passing, classification of np-complete problems